A humorous tale of temptation and consequences

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J.R. Baltimore – “Anniversary”

“In this unique era of change, OnyxFest 2020 is an unprecedented opportunity for pervasive and deep celebration, illustration, examination and articulation of Black life and culture. Thoughts conveyed on this timely stage will be engaging, mind-bending and sustainable over time.” - J.R. Baltimore “Anniversary”

J.R. Baltimore, whose first love is comedy, describes himself a fictitious character with a passion for writing. At the age of one, he found a 20 dollar bill that belonged to one of his older brothers, tore it in half to double his scribble paper, grabbed a pencil from the kitchen table and began scribbling. Though he did not yet know his alphabet, he was anxious to speak in complete sentences transfer his overactive imagination into writing. At the age of three, young Baltimore tried to read everything he could get his hands on, amassing a huge collection of comic books. By first grade he was drawing imaginary characters in storyboard boxes and writing dialogue in cartoon conversation bubbles. In the third grade, he received a double-promotion and went straight to the fifth. From that point, writing became his passion.

In high school Baltimore wrote the script for several class plays. He was editor of the school newspaper and the yearbook. He earned a full scholarship to Northwest University where he completed a degree in Journalism. His first job was in marketing at a Chicago theater. It was that live theatrical atmosphere that convinced him to continue to write plays.

“Anniversary” by J.R. Baltimore is a humorous tale of temptation and consequences of carnal options outweighing conscience.

• Directed by Kelly Mills
• Performed by Nate Russell, Montez Lafayette, Bianca Black, and Kaitlynn Nailon

SOLD OUT: Friday, October 9th

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Sunday Oct 4th, 4:00PM

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Performance Times: 
Sunday Oct 4th, 4:00PM
Friday Oct 9th, 8:00PM
Saturday Oct 10th, 6:00PM

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$15 per person



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Location for ALL performances: IndyFringe Theatre, 719 E St. Claire Street, 46202
With appropriate social distancing and health precautions in place, performances of all six plays
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Saturday Oct 3rd, 2:00PM
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Friday Oct 2nd, 7:30PM
A humorous tale of temptation and consequences
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Friday Oct 2nd, 8:00PM

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