Mothers giving lessons of endurance and strength.

Produced by:
Written by:
Rain Wilson



Rain Wilson – “I Feed You Defiance” “OnyxFest is extremely important to me right now, as it offers me a clear channel for my voice and the many voices I carry in my writing, to be heard at a time where the voices of black people are more necessary than ever before – our scream, our fight, our challenge to a broken system. Theater is a great gift for a writer to speak truth to power while empowering people who often are invisible or ignored and in this time where the world must crumble some to be rebuilt – the Onyx festival gives me permission and support to lean against the wind and be part of that rebuilding…” Rain Wilson is a writer, activist, director and arts educator – and believes in the power of the arts to build bridges and create a space for youth and community to walk into their voices and become a part of the change they want to see. She uses the stage to empower and build conversations around tough subjects like race, prison reform, homelessness, poverty and social justice. Wilson has a B.A. from Columbia College and an M.F.A. from Rutgers Masson Gross School of the Arts. Recently re-located from Chicago IL she is the Director of the Indiana Black Expo Arts Academy which empowers youth through dance, music, theatre and videography. Wilson’s recent inspirations unfold in “Jungle Kings” that details the impact of trauma on youth in urban streets “ I Feed You Defiance” which provides lessons for survival and light to fatherless young boys and men – and her one-woman show, “The Ink Never Dries” about the toll of activism today on the human heart - along with her latest commissioned art works, “Freedom in Hand” and “The Unheard”, dealing with the power of love, equality and the violence of silence. She is excited to share her passion with the Indianapolis community.

 “I FEED YOU DEFIANCE” reveals mothers giving lessons of endurance and strength to black and brown sons to oppose and resist when needs arise. Focused and raw these words converge with the intent to empower to not only survive but thrive in a system that often tries to break them.“I Feed You Defiance” by Rain Wilson offers a raw and tender revelation of the dilemma faced by mothers raising Black and Brown sons.

• Directed by Rain Wilson •
• Performed by Dayna Arnett, Brittany Crone, Faye Holmes, Kelsey E. Johnson, Kimberlan Peak-Hill, Andrea P Wilson, and Alaina Renae Williams

SOLD OUT:  October 2, 6:00 p.m.

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Next Show: 
Saturday Oct 17th, 6:00PM

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Performance Times: 
Saturday Oct 17th, 6:00PM

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Ticket Price: 
$15 per person



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